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"Adapt and Overcome, welcomes any who have the skill to raid but lack the tolerance for getting stepped on. We do encourage assisting us in gearing all the core raiders at the same pace, this will mean looking inward and doing what you know is right/best for the group as a whole. As the responsible parties for the overall progression as a guild as a whole officers and raiders present may from time to time award loot to the person in need of it most. As I have seen many of our core members do this without being asked but not everyone is going to have this view. We appologize beforehand and ask you to rethink what you want, and where. We are in this together as a whole, and are only as strong as our weakest raider present. If we all pull as one we will all have best in slot, now lets do it!" ~ Zdeno, Guild Master of Anticipation
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Zdeno9272, Jul 15, 11 4:15 PM.
Greetings people of Azeroth and beyond. Adapt and Overcome is looking for new, dedicated, and skilled players to join our ranks! 

But I don't have the gear for it...
We help each of our members get gear, as long as you feel like you're a good player ready to raid with fun, talented player, contact an officer about joining or submit an application with an indication that you're joining for Firelands!

What classes do you need? 
Every class! We have our eyes open for anyone who is eager and looking to raid in Firelands! Never raided on your 80 and want to at 85? Feel free apply! All we ask is that you're dedicated and willing to work at your class.

How many are you looking for? 
We will be placing a cap of 50 accounts (that includes the accounts already in guild) total to keep it a fun, family, and close-knit friendly environment. If approved, you will be invited to the guild with a special note indicating that you are a Firelands recruit. The trial begins when you hit 359 item level.

Contact Zdeno, Zalula, or Benestravus with any questions!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Zdeno9272, Jul 15, 11 11:08 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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